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Ceramic insulation blanket exported to Singapore

Recently, we completed an export order for ceramic insulation blanket, and the destination is Singapore. The client of this cooperation is a large industrial equipment maintenance company, which mainly serves many large industrial enterprises in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

First contact

ceramic insulation blanket
ceramic insulation blanket

The customer saw our information when browsing the website. We received the customer’s intention to inquire via email through the website email. We immediately followed up. The Singapore customer was quoted and negotiated by our sales manager Ashley. After detailed communication and demand analysis, we understand the specific needs of our customers and provide them with targeted solutions. The order quantity is 5000 square meters of ceramic fiber blankets.

Ceramic insulation blanket features

ceramic thermal blanket
ceramic thermal blanket

Our ceramic fiber blankets are known for their excellent high-temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, and excellent thermal insulation effect. It is suitable for heat insulation and heat preservation of various high-temperature equipment and is widely used in industrial furnaces, heating equipment, heat treatment furnaces, and other fields. The product has good flexibility and shock resistance and can be used in high-temperature environments for a long time without losing its physical properties.

Production and delivery

After confirming the order, our production department immediately starts organizing production. In order to ensure product quality, we produce in strict accordance with international standards and conduct strict quality control at every link. After production is completed, we conduct a comprehensive inspection of the product to ensure that each roll of ceramic fiber blanket meets customer requirements.
The shipping link is also crucial. We use professional packaging materials and provide multi-layer protection for the ceramic fiber blanket to prevent damage during transportation.

Client feedback on ceramic insulation blanket

ceramic insulation blankets
ceramic insulation blankets

After the product arrived in Singapore, the customer immediately inspected and tried the ceramic fiber blanket. They highly recognized the quality and performance of our products and spoke highly of our professional services. The customer stated that this batch of ceramic insulation blanket will be used for the maintenance and insulation of multiple high-temperature equipment, and is expected to significantly improve the operating efficiency and service life of the equipment.



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