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What are the common sizes of acid-proof bricks?

Acid-proof bricks are divided into acid-resistant standard bricks and acid-resistant ceramic tiles. These two types of acid-resistant bricks have certain differences in material composition, firing process, and acid-resistant performance. Therefore, the selection and application need to be based on the specific working environment and medium characteristics. to make reasonable choices.

acid-proof bricks
acid-proof bricks

Common sizes of acid-resistant bricks

Common dimensions of acid-resistant standard bricks


Common sizes of acid-resistant tile panels


Requirements for selecting acid-resistant bricks

There should be no cracks or defects on the surface of the acid-resistant bricks, and there should be no oil or water stains on the surface.

Acid-resistant brick pasting material instructions

  1. Silica cement. The ambient temperature for silica cement construction should be 10-30°C, and the relative humidity should be greater than 80%. If the construction environment is lower than 10°C, heating and insulation measures can be taken.
  2. After construction, curing in the air for 10-20 days. When the material is acidic, the pickling method can be used for secondary curing.
  3. If the silica cement coagulates or agglomerates, it cannot be used further.
  4. During construction and maintenance, the moisture content within 20cm depth should not be greater than 6%, and contact with water or water vapor is strictly prohibited.

Characteristics of acid-proof bricks

acid-proof brick
acid-proof brick
  1. Low water absorption. The water absorption rate of ceramic tiles is relatively low, and the interior is not easily penetrated by liquids. Therefore, it can prevent corrosion by alkaline substances of various concentrations at room temperature.
  2. Strong acid and alkali resistance. Its raw material is silica, which has super corrosion resistance.
  3. High strength and high wear resistance. High strength and high wear resistance are one of the characteristics of acid-resistant bricks.



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