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Factory Direct Sale Foam Ceramics

Product advantages: High quality and competitive price
Supply advantage: Fully automatic intelligent refractory production line
Certification: We have been approved by ISO9001/ISO14001
Sample: Sample testing is available
After Sales Service: 7*24 hours responsive customer online service, fast delivery service worldwide.
Customization: Customized refractory materials and solutions according to customer requirements.

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Description of Foam Ceramics

Foam ceramic filter has a three-dimensional pore structure, which purifies molten metal through filtration and adsorption, improves the surface and internal quality of castings. Because of its high porosity, large specific surface area, thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and good mechanical strength and filtration and adsorption performance, it is widely used in the melting of non-ferrous metals such as cast iron, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and aluminum. According to the different types of metal liquid to be filtered, it can be divided into silicon carbide, zirconium, corundum and mullite. The product specifications and dimensions can be customized.

Technical Parameter of Foam Ceramics


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