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Corundum Brick/

Fireproof Chrome Corundum Brick

Product advantages: High quality and competitive price
Supply advantage: Fully automatic intelligent refractory production line
Certification: We have been approved by ISO9001/ISO14001
Sample: Sample testing is available
After Sales Service: 7*24 hours responsive customer online service, fast delivery service worldwide.
Customization: Customized refractory materials and solutions according to customer requirements.

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Chrome corundum brick has the characteristics of high refractoriness, high strength, high refractoriness under load, and excellent thermal shock resistance. It has good corrosion resistance to steel slag, non-ferrous smelting slag, coal gasification slag, and various glass melts.

chrome corundum bricks
chrome corundum bricks

Technical Parameter of chrome corundum brick

Introduction of chrome corundum bricks

Chrome corundum brick refers to a refractory material product with alumina and Cr2O3 content greater than 90% and with corundum as the main crystal phase. It has good chemical stability and is strong against acidic or alkaline slag, metal, and glass liquid. It is mainly used for the furnace bottom, furnace door, and hearth of the kiln. The heating furnace slide rail bricks and tapping trough bricks are all made of chromium corundum bricks.

What industries can chrome corundum bricks be used in?

chrome corundum brick application industries
chrome corundum brick application industries

Customized chrome corundum refractory bricks

Rongsheng Refractory Materials Factory supports customizing refractory bricks for customers, including different physical and chemical indicators and different shapes and sizes. You can send us your needs and our engineers and technicians will make a quotation based on your products as soon as possible.

corundum refractory bricks
chrome corundum refractory bricks

Why choose Rongsheng?

chrome corundum bricks factory stock
chrome corundum bricks factory stock
  • Strong technical force. We have a professional R&D team that can develop high-end refractory materials
  • Advanced equipment. Rongsheng Refractory Factory has been established for 20 years and has continuously updated its production equipment.
  • Wide range of customers. Due to the production of high-quality products and good brand effect, our customers are all over the world, with customers in 80+ countries
  • Testing professional. To control the quality of exported refractory products, we will have professional personnel to test the refractory materials produced.

Rongsheng customers

Rongsheng Company has been established for 20 years and exports to more than 80 countries. We have customers from Russia, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Oman, and other countries visiting the refractory factory. Our technical engineers and sales managers will also go to Egypt, Nigeria, Malaysia, and other countries to provide guidance on refractory Product use.

Rongsheng customers
Rongsheng customers

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