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Corundum Brick/

Fused Zirconium Corundum Brick

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Zirconium Corundum brick fused by oxidation method has good corrosion resistance to glass liquid and low stone rate、bubble and glass phase exudation rate and does not pollute the glass liquid. It is mainly used in the contact parts of the glass kiln and the glass liquid, and the parts with high corrosion resistance requirements, which are selected according to the use parts.

Introduction to AZS bricks

AZS bricks
AZS bricks

Fused zirconium corundum bricks are also called AZS bricks. A refers to Al2o3, Z refers to zirconia, and S refers to silica. There are three types of AZS bricks, among which 33, 36, and 41 are named according to the different contents of alumina. of. For example, AZS36# refers to fused zirconium corundum bricks with an alumina content of 36%.

Parameter of AZS Bricks

Al2O3  %Balance
ZrO2  %323440
SiO2  %161412.5
Fe2O3+TiO2+CaO+MgO+K2O+Na2O %≤2.5≤2.5≤2.0
Bulk Density (Dense part)  g/cm33.73.754.0
 Apparent Porosity  %
Glass Phase Initial Precipitation Temperature ℃140014001400
Glass Phase Exudation  %  1500℃×4h2.03.03.0
Static Resistance To Liquid Glass Erosion Depth mm/24h
Ordinary Soda Lime Glass 1500℃×36h
Bubble Precipitation Rate  %
Ordinary Soda Lime Glass 1300℃×36h
 Specific Gravity g/cm3PT/QX3.53.53.6

Application of fused zirconium corundum bricks

fused zirconium corundum bricks
fused zirconium corundum bricks

Fused zirconium corundum brick is widely used in the hot spots of glass furnaces such as the pool walls, flow holes, kiln sills, feeding port corners, pool bottom bubbling, and other key parts; AZS bricks can also be used in other kilns.

Preparation method of fused zirconium corundum bricks

Fused zirconium corundum bricks are formed by heating and melting pure alumina powder, zirconium oxide, and silica in an electric furnace, then casting them into a heat-set mold, and then cooling them.

Video of fused zirconium corundum brick

AZS bricks display



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