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Fused Corundum Brick

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Fused corundum bricks are made by melting alumina in an electric arc furnace and casting it into a model of a specified specific shape. After annealing and heat preservation, the required product is obtained by processing with diamond abrasive tools.

Introduction to three types of fused corundum bricks

  • Fused α-corundum brick is mainly composed of α-Al2O3, which has high-temperature resistance, strong alkali resistance, compact structure, excellent chemical stability, strong wear resistance, and is far more resistant to various slags than other aluminum silicates. It is an ideal material for metallurgical electrolytic cells and sliding rail bricks for heating furnaces.
  • Fused β-corundum bricks are mainly composed of β- Al2O3, with dense structure and strong spalling resistance, especially showing extremely high corrosion resistance to strong alkali vapor, no pollution to molten glass, and are used for upper structures with less glass raw materials scattered.
  • Fused α-β corundum brick is composed of about 50% of α- Al2Oand β- Al2O3. The two crystals interlace to form a dense structure, which has excellent alkali resistance, and the corrosion resistance of molten glass is comparable to that of AZS bricks and does not pollute the glass liquid. , Mainly used for high-grade glass furnaces working pool walls and pavement, forehearth and passage, etc.

Technical Parameter of Fused Corundum Brick

Fused Cast α Corundum BricksFused Cast β Corundum BricksFused Cast α-β Corundum Bricks
Al2O3  %989294.0
Na2O  %
SiO2+CaO+Fe2O3+TiO2  %≤1.0≤1.5≤2.0
α-Corundum  %90244
β-Corundum  %49755
Glass Phase  %611
Bulk Density (Dense part)  g/cm33.33.13.3
Cold Crushing Strength  MPa20050200
0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load ℃17001700/
Static Resistance To Liquid Glass Erosion Depth mm/24h Ordinary Soda Lime Glass 1350℃×48h//0.3

fused corundum bricks
fused corundum bricks




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