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Aluminum Nitride Ceramics/

High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Nitride Ceramic

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Description of Aluminum Nitride Ceramic

Aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic is a new type of ceramic material with excellent comprehensive performance. It has a series of excellent characteristics, such as excellent thermal conductivity, reliable electrical insulation, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, non-toxic, and thermal expansion system matching with silicon. It is an ideal material for a new generation of highly integrated semiconductor substrate and electronic device packaging; The decomposition temperature at room temperature can reach 2450 ℃, which can be used as crucible, evaporation boat, protection tube of thermocouple and high-temperature insulating part for smelting non-ferrous metals and semiconductor materials gallium arsenide; At the same time, it can be used as high-temperature corrosion resistant structural ceramics and transparent aluminum nitride ceramics.

Main features
(1) High thermal conductivity (up to 170W/m · K), close to BeO and SiC, more than 5 times that of Al2O3;
(2) Coefficient of thermal expansion (4.5 × 10-6/℃) and Si (3.5-4 × 10-6/℃) and GaAs (6 × 10-6/℃) matching;
(3) Various electrical properties (dielectric constant, dielectric loss, volume resistivity, dielectric strength) are excellent;
(4) Good mechanical properties, bending strength higher than Al2O3 and BeO ceramics, can be sintered under normal pressure;
(5) Good optical transmission characteristics;
(6) Good insulation and plasma etching resistance.

(1) Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, with high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, high strength, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high resistivity and low dielectric loss, is an ideal heat dissipation substrate and packaging material for large-scale integrated circuits.
(2) Aluminum nitride is a new wear-resistant ceramic material with high hardness, which is superior to traditional aluminum oxide. It is used for parts with severe wear.
(3) Using the heat resistance, melt erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance of AIN ceramics, GaAs crystal crucibles, Al evaporating dishes, magnetohydrodynamic power generation devices and corrosion resistant parts of high-temperature turbines can be made, and their optical properties can be used as infrared windows. AlN thin films can be made into high-frequency piezoelectric components, VLSI substrates, etc.
(4) Aluminum nitride is heat-resistant, resistant to corrosion of molten metal, and stable to acid. When the new surface of AIN is exposed to humid air, it will react to form an extremely thin oxide film, which can be used as the crucible for smelting aluminum, copper, silver, lead and other metals, and as the sintering and casting die material.

Technical Parameter of Aluminum Nitride Ceramic


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