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Alumina bubble brick has high service temperatures and good thermal insulation performance at high temperatures. They will achieve obvious results in reducing the weight of the furnace body, transforming the structure, saving materials, and saving energy.

alumina bubble brick
alumina bubble brick

Technical parameter of alumina bubble brick

Al2O3  %≥99
SiO2  %≤0.3
Fe2O3  %≤0.2
Bulk density  g/cm31.3~1.51.5~1.71.7~1.9
Cold Crush Strength MPa≥6≥10≥12
Thermal conductivity W/(m·K) Hot surface  1000℃≤0.9≤1.1≤1.2
Permanent Linear Change Rate %  1600℃×3h±0.3
Al2O3  %≥95
Fe2O3  %≤0.2
Bulk density  g/cm31.3~1.51.5~1.71.7~1.9
Normal temperature compressive strength  MPa≥8≥12≥16
Thermal Conductivity  W/(m·K) hot face 1000℃≤0.9≤1.1≤1.2
Permanent Linear Change Rate %  1600℃×3h±0.3
Al2O3  %≥90
Fe2O3  %≤0.2
Bulk density  g/cm31.3~1.51.5~1.71.7~1.9
Normal temperature compressive strength  MPa≥10≥14≥18
Thermal Conductivity  W/(m·K) Hot face 1000℃≤0.9≤1.1≤1.2
Permanent Linear Change Rate  %  1600℃×3h±0.3

Alumina hollow ball brick application

Alumina hollow insulation brick
Alumina hollow insulation brick

The refractoriness of alumina hollow ball bricks can reach over 1750°C, with good thermal stability, a small change rate of the burning line, and durability. It has strong thermal insulation properties and low thermal conductivity. Alumina hollow ball bricks can be used in high-temperature energy-saving inverted flame kilns, shuttle kilns, molybdenum wire furnaces, tungsten rod furnaces, induction furnaces, nitriding furnaces, etc.

Characteristics of alumina hollow ball bricks

alumina hollow ball bricks
alumina hollow ball bricks
  1. High-temperature use: good thermal stability, up to 1750 degrees or above. The change rate of the reburning line is small and the use time is long.
  2. Optimize the structure and reduce the weight of the furnace: At present, high-temperature resistant materials are heavy bricks with a volume density of 2.6-3.0g/cm. Alumina hollow ball bricks only have 1.1~1.5g/cm, and the same one cubic meter m volume, using alumina hollow ball bricks can reduce the weight by 1.1-1.9 tons.
  3. Save materials: In order to achieve the same operating temperature, if heavy bricks are used, the price is equivalent to the price of alumina hollow ball bricks, but a large amount of insulating refractory materials is also required. If you use alumina hollow ball bricks, you can save 1.1-1 per cubic meter. If you use 9 tons of heavy bricks, you can save 80% of refractory insulation materials.
  4. Energy saving: Alumina hollow balls have obvious thermal insulation properties and low thermal conductivity. They can play a good thermal insulation role, reduce heat dissipation, and improve thermal efficiency, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving.


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