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Composition of refractory ramming mass

Crushed stone is made by artificial or mechanical methods of construction, through refractory stone material, powder material, mixing agent, foreign additive, and water mixture.

Composition of refractory ramming mass

The basic composition of refractory mortar and non-flammable materials such as plastic is similar, the difference is that more refractory mortar is used, but the amount of binder is less, usually The addition of soft clay clay increases the plasticity and fumigability of refractory mortar. The particulate composition of the material is generally 60%-65%, and 35%-40%.

Application of ramming materials

refractory ramming mass
refractory ramming mass

Refractory ramming materials are often used on the working layer of steel drums. The refractory aggregate is bauxite clinker with a particle size of 10mm.
Use a water glass solution with a modulus of 2 6 and a density of 1.36g/cm3 or an aluminum sulfate solution with a density of 1.26g/cm3 as the binding agent.
The practice has proved that aluminum-magnesia refractory ramming material is used more frequently and has better effects on steel drums, and its composition also changes. When magnesia powder is used at 9% to 12%, sufficient aluminum-magnesia spinel can be generated, which has good slag resistance and long service life.
Ramming materials are also widely used in high-temperature equipment such as electric furnace tops, power frequency induction furnaces, and refining devices outside the furnace. The types include phosphate high-aluminum ramming materials, corundum-chromium-zirconium ramming materials, magnesia-chromium materials, etc.



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