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Wholesale High Quality Zircon Powder

Product advantages: High quality and competitive price Supply advantage: Fully automatic intelligent refractory production line Certification: We have been approved by ISO9001/ISO14001 Sample: Sample testing is available After Sales Service: 7*24 hours responsive customer online service, fast delivery service worldwide. Customization: Customized refractory materials and solutions according to customer requirements.

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Description of Zircon Powder

Zircon is extremely resistant to high temperatures, with a melting point of 2750, and is resistant to acid corrosion. 80% of the zircon in the world is directly used in the foundry industry, ceramics, glass industry and the manufacture of refractories. A small amount of zircon is used in ferroalloy, medicine, paint, tanning, abrasives, chemical and nuclear industries. A very small amount of zircon is used to smelt metal zirconium. The zircon sand containing ZrO265~66% is due to its melting point (melting point above 2500℃)

Zircon powder has low thermal expansibility, high thermal conductivity and strong chemical stability, insoluble in acid and alkali, non-magnetic, weak electrical. It mainly used in foundry industry, refractory industry, ceramic industry, paint industry and chemical industry and so on.

Technical Parameter of High Quality Zircon Powder


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