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Precautions for using the ceramic thermal blanket

Ceramic thermal blanket is one of the common ceramic fiber products. It has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, easy processing and installation, etc., and is widely used in many industries.

ceramic fiber blanket
ceramic fiber blanket

Precautions for using ceramic fiber blankets

Precautions before using a ceramic thermal blanket

(1) Quality inspection. The raw materials will be inspected before entering the site. Once the materials are accepted, they will be put into storage and proceed to the next process. And before construction, the verticality and flatness of the substrate must be determined first, to facilitate construction.
(2) Cleaning before use. First, clean the surface of the ceramic fiber blanket, remove the toner and debris stuck on the surface, and apply the anti-rust paint evenly to prevent flowing and missing paint.

refractory blanket
refractory blanket

Precautions when using ceramic insulation blankets

  • During the installation process, it is necessary to avoid stretching and deforming the blanket, so as not to affect the thermal insulation effect.
  • The surface needs to be kept clean to prevent dust and impurities from affecting the insulation effect.
  • When using, avoid excessive force to avoid damage.
  • The residence time in a high-temperature environment should not be too long to avoid affecting the performance of the ceramic fiber blanket.

ceramic thermal blanket
ceramic thermal blanket



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