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Silica refractory bricks’ performance characteristics

Silica refractory bricks are a kind of high-performance refractory material made of siliceous material as the main raw material through high-temperature sintering process. Silicon refractory bricks have many excellent properties, so they are widely used in various industrial equipment and building materials in harsh environments such as high temperatures, and acid and alkali corrosion.

Characteristics of silica refractory bricks

silica fire bricks
silica fire bricks
  1. High-temperature resistance

Silicon bricks have good stability and refractory performance in high-temperature environments, and the refractoriness can generally reach above 1650℃.

  1. Corrosion resistance

Silica fire bricks have good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, and other corrosive media.

  1. Good thermal conductivity

Silica refractory bricks have low thermal conductivity, which can effectively reduce the heat loss and energy consumption of equipment.

  1. High mechanical strength
silicon bricks
silicon bricks

Silica refractory brick has good mechanical strength and wear resistance at room temperature and can withstand certain mechanical impacts and wear.

  1. Anti-oxidation

Silica fire bricks can prevent substances in high-temperature equipment from being oxidized.

  1. Low density

Silica fire bricks have low density and are lightweight, which are easy to process and install.

  1. Good thermal insulation performance

Silica bricks have good thermal insulation performance and can effectively prevent energy loss in high-temperature equipment.

  1. Good chemical stability

Silica bricks are chemically stable and will not decompose or deform under high temperatures and corrosive environments.

silica refractory brick
silica refractory brick



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