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Zirconium powder sold to Colombian ceramic companies

Rongsheng Company exported a batch of zircon powder to Colombia. The customer sent us the particle size and specific requirements of the zircon powder. We customized the zircon powder according to the customer’s requirements. As an important industrial material, zirconium powder is widely used in ceramics, refractory, electronic, and other industries. The market recognizes its quality and stability, and we are honored to provide high-quality zircon powder to this Colombian ceramic enterprise customer.

Zirconium powder sold to Colombian ceramic companies
Zirconium powder

Colombian customer introduction

Our client, a leading Colombian ceramics manufacturing company, specializes in the production of high-quality ceramic products, covering a variety of fields from household ceramics to industrial ceramics. Due to its excellent product quality and good market reputation, it has always been favored by consumers.

The needs of ceramic companies

zircon powder
zircon powder

This customer contacted us for the first time and expressed his strong interest in our zircon powder. After having a detailed understanding of their production needs and product quality requirements, we provided high-purity zircon powder samples that met their requirements, which were highly recognized by the customer.

The use of zircon powder in the ceramic industry

Customers use our zircon powder in their high-end ceramic products to improve their physical properties such as wear resistance and high temperature resistance, thereby occupying an advantageous position in market competition. Through the zirconium powder provided by us, customers have successfully improved the overall quality of their products and gained more consumer trust.

Our cooperation

zircon powder sold to the ceramic industry
zircon powder sold to the ceramic industry

For the first cooperation, the customer purchased up to 10 tons of zirconium powder in the first batch of orders to ensure a continuous and stable supply for its production line. Because the quality of the products we provide is stable and reliable, subsequent orders from customers have also maintained a stable number.



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