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What are the uses of sillimanite raw materials?

Sillimanite is an excellent refractory raw material used to produce high-alumina bricks with low creep, high load-softness, high thermal shock brick micro-expansion and electric furnace roofs, phosphate-bonded high-alumina bricks for cement rotary kilns, etc. Sillimanite raw materials are also used in glass, ceramics, technical ceramics, special coatings, and other industries.

sillimanite raw materials
sillimanite raw materials

Introduction to the uses of sillimanite raw materials

  1. High temperature resistant anti-wear coating
  2. Sillimanite refractory balls
  3. Styrene method kaolin-sillimanite thermal insulation refractory products
  4. High-strength unshaped refractory material, refractory mud used for building high-temperature kilns
  5. Rare earth composite silicon carbide material
  6. A composite heat-insulating high-temperature refractory coating
  7. Refractory castable with high-temperature self-reinforcement effect
  8. Wear-resistant refractory materials
  9. Multifunctional composite thermal insulation felt (paste)
  10. Regenerative ceramic balls and honeycomb sillimanite 5-15%
  11. Compound sillimanite prefabricated integral crucible
  12. High wear-resistant bricks and manufacturing methods thereof High wear-resistant bricks are composed of 50-60% sintered mullite, 20-30% sillimanite, 5-15% soft clay, and 5-15% zircon sand. , mixed with 2-3% composite binder
  13. Thermal shock-resistant refractory bricks formed by mud bonding
  14. High thermal shock mullite-cordierite refractory composition consists of 30-50wt% synthetic mullite, 15-25wt% synthetic leatherette, 10-20wt% sillimanite, 5-10wt% andalusite, 5-10wt %a alumina ultrafine powder, 4-6wt% viscosity composition
  15. Sillimanite refractory bricks
sillimanite bricks
sillimanite bricks



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