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Low cement mullite castables exported to Saudi Arabia

Rongsheng Refractory Materials Company is a professional manufacturer of monolithic refractory materials with advanced production technology and high-quality products. In April, Saudi Arabia’s Ke Steel Company came to inquire about quotations for refractory castables, and we finally cooperated.

Saudi Arabia customer needs

A large steel company in Saudi Arabia expressed its demand for high-quality refractory materials and hoped to find reliable suppliers to provide low-cement mullite castables and corundum castables to maintain and construct its high-temperature smelting equipment.

Low cement mullite castables customization

Low cement mullite castables
Low cement mullite castables

After communicating with the technical engineer, we learned that the customer needed some refractory castables, including low-cement mullite and corundum castables. The customer requested to send department samples first, and they inspected them before proceeding. Confirm Order.

Send refractory castable samples

corundum castable
corundum castable

Rongsheng Company sent samples to customers for confirmation. The steel company’s technical team conducted strict quality inspections on the samples, including the material’s density, fire resistance, and other indicators. After confirmation, both parties agreed that the product met the expected quality standards.

Contract signing and payment arrangements

refractory corundum castable
refractory corundum castable

After confirming the quality of the samples, the two parties signed a formal contract. The quantity, delivery period, price, and payment method of the product are specified in the contract. Production, packaging, and delivery began according to the factory’s production plan, and the final customer received the batch of refractory materials as scheduled.



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