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Rongsheng Group: Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Refractory Materials

20 Years of Experience in This Business.

Rongsheng Group’s factory is located in Xinmi, Henan, a beautiful and rich resource province known as the “capital of refractory materials”. Our location provides us with unique advantages in the production and service of refractory materials, thanks to the abundance of bauxite, coal resources, and convenient transportation.

The company was founded in the early 1990s, and through continuous innovation and development, it has become a comprehensive enterprise that produces and provides refractory materials for the metallurgical, electric power, building materials, chemical, glass, and non-ferrous metal industries. We also have independent import and export rights. Our staff consists of more than 180 employees, including over 20 professional technical personnel. We have three fully automated production lines for shaped, unshaped, and insulation materials. Our main production equipment includes 8 400-ton presses, 6 315-ton presses, 5 750 type sand mixers, 3 fine powder machines, 3 double-roll crushers, and one 128-meter tunnel kiln production line with an automatic temperature control system for the dual-stage gas generator. We have a complete set of refractory material physical and chemical testing equipment and inspection systems, and we have passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

Our main products include high alumina bricks, clay bricks, lightweight insulation bricks, abrasion-resistant castables, corundum castables, low-cement, high-strength castables, anti-permeation materials, self-flowing materials, plastically-formed materials, and various grades of shaped and unshaped refractory cement. We provide unique refractory materials based on different industries’ requirements, such as acid-resistant high alumina bricks, alkali-resistant bricks, and phosphate bricks for the cement industry. For the boiler industry, we produce various grades of abrasion-resistant bricks, corundum bricks, and mullite bricks for shaped materials. Our products are well known for their high quality, stable performance, and reliable durability. They are not only popular all over China but also exported to Vietnam, India, South Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and other countries and regions in Southeast Asia.

Rongsheng Group’s mission is to maintain product quality, maintain corporate integrity and prioritize clients’ satisfaction. We have a scientific management system, a strong technical force, perfect testing methods, advanced production equipment, and stable product quality for quality assurance. We provide our valued clients with top-notch services, and it is our goal to expand our collaborations and achieve mutual benefits. We believe in “Quality First, Reputation First, User Foremost,” and seek to ensure sustainable growth.

Our company’s team consists of professionals who have extensive experience, excellent skills, and deep knowledge in the refractory materials industry. The production of our refractory materials combines traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. We not only have advanced production equipment and testing methods but also have integrated modern management models that enable us to continuously improve and develop.

We strive to introduce new products with guarantee the highest quality standards. In addition, we help clients choose the right refractory materials based on their specific requirements and needs. Whether it is for launching new projects or upgrading current technologies to gain a competitive edge, we will become your reliable partner in the refractory materials industry.

In conclusion, as a leading comprehensive refractory material production enterprise, Rongsheng Group has and is determined to continue bringing high-quality products and services to the rest of the world. Our top-notch quality, stable performance, and reliable durability make us an excellent choice in the refractory materials industry. With our expertise, our experience, and our commitment to our customers, we are confident that we can become a trusted partner to many more clients worldwide.


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