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Energy-Saving Castable Refractories Boost Competitiveness of Cement Plants

Zhengzhou City, China – Henan Rongsheng Xinwei New Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of high-performance refractory materials, has developed a new range of low-cement castable refractories for use in cement kilns.

The new castables are made from high-quality raw materials, including alumina, silica, and calcium aluminate cement, and are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of cement kilns, including high temperatures, alkali attacks, and thermal shock. They have excellent flowability, self-leveling properties, and high strength, and can significantly improve the performance and durability of refractory linings.

The low-cement castables are suitable for a wide range of cement kiln applications, including preheater, calciner, cooler, and tertiary air ducts. They can help reduce the energy consumption of cement production, increase the service life of refractory linings, and improve the quality and consistency of cement.

“Rongsheng Xinwei is committed to developing advanced refractory materials that can help our customers improve their competitiveness and sustainability,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Our new low-cement castable refractories are designed to meet the specific needs of the cement industry and provide excellent performance and value.”

The new castables are just one of the many high-performance refractory products developed by Rongsheng Xinwei, including ceramic fiber products, refractory coatings, and refractory bricks.



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