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Indonesian Customer Visit

With the rapid development of RS group overseas sales market, RS brand refractory products are highly recognized by international customers all over the world.

The customer is from Indonesia, he wants to purchase acid resistant bricks, which can be in petrol industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, power plant, chemical fiber, paper industry, pharmacy, fertilizer, food, galvanization factory, as well as acid tower, tank, bath, groove and other corrosion resistant projects

The customer showed great interest to cooperate with RS group, and visited our office with great interest. He liked our working office very much and took some photos. He said he was looking forward to a successful cooperation.

Channeling great energy in supporting high quality shaped refractory products, unshaped refractory products, insulation material, anti-corrosion materials and so on, RS group has great resolution to be the leading refractory products exporter in 2019, and RS brand is trustworthy for customers all over the world.



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