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High-aluminum bricks and low-cement castables help Ecuador’s metallurgical industry improve production efficiency

Recently, a batch of high-quality refractory materials, including high-aluminum bricks and low-cement castables, were exported to Ecuador. The company has received the goods and has put them into use. The results are excellent and have been well received by Ecuadorian customers.

High-aluminum bricks and low-cement castables
high-aluminum bricks and low-cement castables

Ecuador customer introduction

high-quality high-aluminum bricks
high-quality high-aluminum bricks

Our client is a leading metallurgical company in Ecuador specializing in metal ore smelting and production. The company is prominent in Ecuador’s metallurgical industry, with its main business involving the extraction and processing of copper, iron, and other metals. Due to high temperatures and refractory requirements during the smelting process, customers are looking for high-quality high-aluminum bricks and low-cement castables.

How did we get in touch?

The Ecuadorian customer entered our refractory website through Google and then learned that we are a refractory material factory with a complete range of products, so he sent us an email through the Contact Us page of the website.

Refractory needs of metallurgical companies

high-alumina bricks
high-alumina bricks

The customer’s smelting process required the use of refractory materials at high temperatures to protect equipment from high temperatures and chemical attacks. They require high-purity, high-alumina bricks for furnace walls and roofs, as well as low-cement castables for maintenance and repairs.

Rongsheng refractory solutions

low-cement castables
low-cement castables

We offer customized high alumina bricks and low cement castables to meet our customers’ special requirements. High alumina bricks are selected for the construction of smelting furnace walls and roofs due to their excellent fire resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Low-cement castables are used for equipment repair and maintenance to extend service life.

Ecuador customer feedback

High alumina bricks and low cement castables are successfully used in customers’ smelting equipment. High alumina bricks have good stability at high temperatures and effectively resist heat and chemical corrosion during the smelting process. Low cement castables provide flexibility for timely equipment maintenance and repairs. The synergy between the two makes the customer’s smelting process more stable and reliable.



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