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JM26 Insulation Bricks Exported to Tajikistan

In December 2022, our company made first contact with Tajikistan Ceramics Co., Ltd. and learned that the customer was a ceramic manufacturing company with an excellent reputation in Tajikistan and had a growing demand for high-quality insulation materials. Currently, the Tajikistan customer needs to order a batch of JM26 insulation bricks. So we exchanged details about this thermal insulation refractory brick.

JM insulation brick customization

mullite insulation bricks
mullite insulation bricks

After fully understanding the customer’s high-temperature ceramic kiln usage environment, Rongsheng customized JM mullite insulation bricks that met the customer’s kiln specifications and refractory temperature requirements.

JM26 insulation bricks use

Dushanbe Ceramics Co., Ltd. uses the JM insulation bricks we provide mainly for internal insulation of high-temperature ceramic kilns to ensure stable operation under high-temperature conditions. This includes key processes such as sintering and molding of ceramic raw materials, ensuring the quality and production efficiency of ceramic products.

Product details of JM26 insulation bricks customized by customers in Tajikistan

  • Product name: JM26 brick
  • Specification: 230mm x 114mm x 65mm
  • Density: 0.6 g/cm³
  • Fire resistance temperature: 1260°C

Rongsheng refractory material product quality assurance

Our company provides relevant product quality certification and testing reports to ensure that the supplied JM26 bricks can work stably in high-temperature environments and ensure the smooth progress of ceramic production.



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