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AZS41WS bricks exported to Indonesia

Rongsheng Refractory Co., Ltd. successfully exported a batch of high-performance AZS41WS bricks to Indonesia. This batch of bricks was tailor-made for a large local glass manufacturing company to improve the service life and production efficiency of its glass kiln. The products have passed the customer’s inspection and are in good condition.

Characteristics and application of AZS41WS brick

AZS41WS refractory bricks
AZS41WS refractory bricks

AZS41WS brick is composed of alumina (Al2O3), zirconia (ZrO2) and silica (SiO2), and has the following significant characteristics:

  • Excellent erosion resistance: AZS41WS bricks can effectively resist the erosion of glass liquid and extend the service life of the kiln.
  • High high-temperature resistance: Suitable for high-temperature environments, able to maintain stable performance under extreme temperatures.
  • High thermal shock resistance: Excellent performance in an environment with rapid temperature changes, not prone to cracks.
  • Low pollution: It is not easy to pollute the glass liquid, ensuring the quality of glass products.

The use of AZS41WS bricks in glass furnaces

  1. Bottom of the kiln: withstand the high-temperature erosion of the glass liquid and protect the bottom structure of the kiln.
  2. Pool wall: protect the pool wall from erosion and chemical corrosion of high-temperature glass liquid.
  3. Kiln mouth: withstand high temperature and mechanical impact, and extend the service life of the kiln mouth.
glass furnaces
glass furnaces

Introduction to Indonesian glass kiln customer

Indonesia is a glass manufacturing company dedicated to the production and sale of high-quality glass products. In the initial communication with the customer, Rongsheng learned that the customer’s glass kiln was facing the dilemma of high temperature erosion and melt attack. The Indonesian glass kiln customer hopes to find a refractory brick that can maintain stable performance for a long time in extreme environments. AZS41WS brick has become the ideal choice for customers due to its excellent anti-erosion and high temperature resistance.

Successfully exported AZS41WS refractory bricks

AZS41WS bricks in glass furnaces
AZS41WS bricks in glass furnaces

After signing the contract, Rongsheng Refractory Material Factory began to prepare refractory raw materials, customize production plans, and use high-quality raw materials in the production process to ensure the high-quality export of AZS refractory bricks. The AZS41WS bricks fired at high temperature have excellent corrosion resistance and thermal stability, and can effectively resist the erosion of glass liquid and high- temperature environment.



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