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Cordierite Mullite Plates Shipped to Egypt

In 2023, Rongsheng exported a batch of cordierite mullite plates to Egypt. The factory shipped the products on time, and the customers successfully applied them to the ceramic industry and received good reviews.

Egyptian customer introduction

Egyptian Ceramics Company is a ceramic manufacturer with a good reputation in Egypt, focusing on the production of high-quality ceramic tiles and decorative materials. We are currently purchasing a batch of cordierite mullite slabs. The customer saw our website from Google and we received the physical and chemical indicators of mullite cordierite that the customer needed.

Product selection for ceramic companies

Rongsheng Refractory Materials Company recommended cordierite mullite plates to the Egyptian Ceramics Company and gave a detailed introduction to its application advantages in the ceramic industry. The customer expressed that he paid great attention to the quality of refractory materials and hoped to find cordierite mullite that met the requirements.

Customized cordierite mullite plates

cordierite mullite slabs
cordierite mullite slabs

The customer purchased a batch of cordierite mullite slabs with specifications of 1200mm × 600mm × 20mm. This specification is suitable for the customer’s ceramic production process and also meets the process requirements of its production line. Customers use cordierite mullite slabs to make high-end ceramic tiles.

Quantity purchased by Egyptian ceramic companies

The customer purchased a total of 1,000 cordierite mullite slabs to ensure the continuation of ceramic production. The slate is delivered on time according to the customer’s production plan, ensuring the customer’s production progress.

Egyptian customers’ results and evaluation of Rongsheng

After using cordierite mullite slabs to make ceramic tiles, customers expressed high praise for the quality and appearance of the products. The sales performance of ceramic tiles is also very good and has been warmly welcomed by the market. At the same time, we hope to have other cooperation opportunities in refractory products in the future.



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