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What are the advantages of an aluminum silicate board?

Aluminum silicate board can be called ceramic fiber board or ceramic wool board. It is made of ceramic fiber (aluminum silicate) by dry method and is a good refractory insulation material.

Aluminum silicate board uses

aluminum silicate boards
aluminum silicate boards

Aluminum silicate plant has a hard texture, good toughness, strength, and good wind erosion resistance. It is an ideal energy-saving material for insulation equipment such as kilns and pipes. It is not easy to expand when heated, is light in weight, easy to construct, and can be sheared and bent at will.

Advantages of ceramic fiberboards

ceramic fiber board
ceramic fiber board

High-temperature resistance, thermal insulation, hydrophobic, lightweight, easy to cut, and simple to install. There are many specifications of ceramic fiber boards, which can be cut into corresponding sizes according to customer requirements. There are also many types of bulk density. Commonly used thicknesses are 50mm and 100mm.



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