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What are the main uses of ceramic refractory boards?

Ceramic refractory boards, or aluminum silicate fiberboards, are made of refractory materials. It has the advantages of good thermal stability, high-temperature resistance, and low thermal conductivity during use. Therefore, it is widely used in many industries. Then its uses and applications In what aspects is it mainly reflected?

The main uses of ceramic refractory boards

  1. Ceramic fiber boards are used for backing insulation of kilns in cement and other building materials industries;
  2. Kiln backing insulation in petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics and glass industries;
  3. Ceramic fiber boards are used for backing insulation of heat treatment kilns;
  4. Backing insulation for the non-ferrous metal industry;
  5. High-temperature reaction and heating equipment backing insulation.
  6. Suitable for door seals and door curtains of various insulated industrial kilns.
  7. High-temperature insulation and heat preservation of petrochemical equipment, containers, and pipelines.

What are ceramic fiber products?

Common ceramic fiber products mainly include ceramic refractory boards, ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber felts, ceramic fiber cotton, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber ropes, ceramic fiber paper, and ceramic fiber modules.



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