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Ladle nozzle exported to Italy

Our high-quality ladle nozzle products are successfully sold to Italy, providing high-quality refractory solutions for the local steel industry. The following is a detailed introduction to this success story:

A brief introduction to Italian customers


A well-known Italian steel company with advanced production equipment and technology. Facing the high-temperature and high-pressure steel smelting process, they looked for a ladle nozzle product that could withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion to ensure the stability and efficiency of production.

Ladle nozzle usage

Customers use our nozzle products for the pouring mouth and lamination mouth of their steel smelting equipment to withstand the impact and corrosion of molten iron in high temperature and high-pressure environments, ensuring the smooth progress of the production process.

Our products

Ladle nozzle
Ladle nozzle

Rongsheng Company has established a good cooperative relationship with customers and provided customized solutions to meet customers’ special requirements for the size and performance of inner nozzles products. Our professional team provides customers with a full range of support, including product selection, technical consultation, and after-sales service.

Italian customer feedback

After a period of use, customers have spoken highly of the performance and stability of our water outlet products. The product performed well and showed no signs of cracks or corrosion, providing customers with reliable steel production.



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