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JM 23 mullite insulation bricks sold to South Africa

Rongsheng Refractory Materials was honored to provide a large number of JM 23 mullite insulation bricks to an industrial company in South Africa. Customers are mainly engaged in metal smelting and high-temperature treatment processes, and JM 23 insulation bricks are applied to their furnace walls, furnace tops, and other high-temperature equipment to improve the insulation performance and energy efficiency of high-temperature equipment.

mullite insulation bricks
mullite insulation bricks

Customized mullite insulation bricks

During in-depth communication with customers, we learned about their specific requirements for JM 23 mullite insulation bricks. Customers have customized requirements for brick size, density, thermal conductivity, and other properties. Based on the customer’s requirements, we provide corresponding technical consultation and suggestions to ensure that the insulation bricks provided fully meet the special process requirements of their equipment.

Services provided by Rongsheng

JM23 brick production
JM23 brick production
  • Professional technical consulting: Rongsheng provides comprehensive professional technical consulting services to help customers understand the performance characteristics, applicable scope, and best usage methods of JM 23 mullite insulation bricks.
  • Customized solutions: In response to the special needs of customers, we provide customized solutions, including customized services in various aspects such as brick size and density, to ensure that refractory materials perfectly adapt to customers’ industrial production requirements.
  • Supply and timely delivery: We have flexibly arranged the supply of JM 23 mullite fire bricks and ensured timely delivery, providing reliable support for customers’ production plans.

Feedback after using JM23 insulation bricks

insulation bricks
insulation bricks

JM 23 insulation bricks were successfully delivered to the customer site and achieved good application results in high-temperature industrial equipment. Customers are highly satisfied with the professional services, high-quality products, and timely delivery provided by Rongsheng Company. This cooperation further consolidates the cooperative relationship between the two parties and also contributes to energy conservation and consumption reduction in the South African industrial sector.



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