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Alumina crucibles sent to South Korea

Rongsheng Refractory Materials Company is fortunate to have established a cooperative relationship with a ceramic research institution in South Korea to provide it with alumina crucibles. The customer’s research field involves high-temperature ceramic technology, so it has strict requirements on the crucible’s size, quantity, and physical and chemical indicators. These crucibles will be used for high-temperature sintering tests and ceramic sample preparation.

Alumina crucibles
Alumina crucibles

Details of Korean customers ordering alumina crucibles

In close communication with customers, we learned about their specific needs for alumina crucibles. This includes crucibles’ size, quantity, and physical and chemical indicators, such as high-temperature resistance, chemical stability, etc. To ensure that the crucibles we provide meet customer requirements, we make and send samples in advance for customers to test and confirm.

The alumina crucible sample sent

alumina crucible
alumina crucible

Last month, we sent a batch of samples to customers for practical application testing. The customer conducted detailed physical and chemical performance tests on the samples, including stability and chemical reactivity under high-temperature conditions. After receiving positive feedback from our customers, we were able to confirm that the alumina crucibles provided met their experimental needs.

Supply of crucibles in large quantities

After the sample was confirmed, the customer decided to purchase crucibles in large quantities to meet the needs of his research experiments. We have completed large-scale production on time to our customers’ order requirements and ensured the high quality of our products. Customers are highly satisfied with our efficient supply chain, quality stability, and considerate service.



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