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Application of ferrosilicon nitride in the refractory industry

Ferrosilicon nitride (Fe-Si3N4) is a new synthetic raw material that has appeared in recent years. It is prepared from FeSi75 iron alloy using nitriding technology and a high-temperature synthesis process.

Advantages of ferrosilicon nitride in making refractory materials

As a new synthetic raw material, ferrosilicon nitride is cheaper than silicon nitride. Adding it to refractory materials also solves the problem of difficult sintering of silicon nitride. It is used in trench materials, gun clay, and composite materials. There are more and more applications in materials.

Characteristics of Fe-Si3N4

ferrosilicon nitride
ferrosilicon nitride

There are some excellent properties of Si3N4, such as high refractoriness, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion rate, high oxidation resistance, and a series of advantages; and because It contains Fe plastic phase and has good sintering properties. At the same time, compared with silicon nitride, ferrosilicon nitride is cheaper and easier to promote and produce industrially. Therefore, it has been used as a raw material for refractory, high-temperature binding phases, and high-temperature structural materials. It is now widely used in blast furnaces. In iron trench castables and gun clay.

Application of ferrosilicon nitride in refractory materials

Ferrous silicon carbide can be applied to castables, such as Al2O3-SiC-C iron trench castables, magnesia castables, high-aluminum castables, gun mud, carbon-containing composite materials, and carbon-free composite materials



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