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High alumina bricks and castables exported to South Korea

Our high alumina bricks and castables were successfully sold to South Korea. Production was completed on January 24 and shipped on time.


Introduction to Korean steel companies

refractory brick
refractory brick

A well-known steel company in South Korea with advanced production equipment and technology. Facing the high-temperature and high-pressure steel smelting process, they looked for a refractory material that could withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion to ensure the stability and efficiency of production. Customers use our high-alumina bricks for the lining and masonry of their steel smelting equipment to withstand the impact and corrosion of molten iron in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. Castables are used to repair damaged parts of equipment to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

Our service

After communication and understanding with the customer, Rongsheng Company recommended our suitable high alumina bricks and castables. These refractory materials have excellent high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance and are suitable for masonry and repair during the steel smelting process. We deliver goods on time and communicate with customers on production status on time to ensure that customers can put refractory materials into use normally.



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