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Carbon refractory ramming materials exported to Israel

Recently, our company has reached an important cooperation with a well-known Israeli ceramic high-temperature kiln company and successfully provided it with high-quality carbon refractory ramming materials. The following are case details of this cooperation:

Carbon refractory ramming materials order details

Carbon refractory ramming-mass
Carbon refractory ramming-mass

Product: Carbon ramming material
Specifications: Customized specifications, suitable for lining high-temperature kilns
Quantity: 800 tons
Delivery time: 6 weeks
Delivery location: Sea shipping to major Israeli ports

Customer needs and usage:

The Israeli High-Temperature Kiln Company is engaged in ceramic production and high-temperature material processing. They urgently need high-quality refractory ramming materials for their latest design of high-temperature insulation kilns. This kiln is widely used in ceramic firing, ore furnace heat treatment, and other processes. Therefore, the requirements for the lining material are stringent. The material must have excellent fire resistance, thermal conductivity, and stability to adapt to high-temperature changes.

Cooperation process about carbon refractory ramming materials

Need confirmation:

Our company has an in-depth discussion with the customer about their requirements for high-temperature insulation kilns and provides a carbon refractory ramming materials solution that meets their technical specifications.

Test sample

Our company provides samples for customers to test to ensure that the products can meet the requirements of their specific processes and high-temperature kilns.

Negotiate a contract

After the sample test passed, the two parties negotiated in detail on the order quantity, specifications, delivery time, and price, and signed a formal contract.

Production and quality inspection

Our company started production by the requirements stipulated in the contract and carried out strict quality control during the production process.

Shipping and delivery

After completion of production, the products are professionally packaged and labeled, and delivered on time by sea to the port designated by the Israeli customer.



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