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Magnesite Bricks/

Magnesia Carbon Brick

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Magnesia carbon brick effectively utilizes the strong slag erosion resistance of magnesia and the high thermal conductivity and low expansion of carbon and compensates for the biggest disadvantage of poor spalling resistance of magnesia. It has good high-temperature resistance, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance, and a low high-temperature creep rate.

Magnesia Carbon Brick
Magnesia Carbon Brick

MgO-C bricks introduce

Magnesia carbon bricks are made of magnesia, dead-burned magnesia, fused magnesia, high-purity magnesia, and high-quality graphite and bauxite additives. The price and performance of magnesia carbon bricks have a great relationship with the graphite content in the bricks. As the graphite content increases, the strength of the brick decreases, the thermal expansion rate decreases, and the residual expansion rate increases.

MgO-C bricks
MgO-C bricks

Parameter of magnesia carbon brick

MgO  %≥80≥78≥76≥74≥72
C  %≥10≥12≥14≥16≥18
Apparent porosity  %≤4≤4≤3.5≤3.5≤3.0
Bulk density  g/cm3≥3.02≥2.97≥2.95≥2.92≥2.89
Cold Crushing Strength   MPa≥40≥40≥38≥35≥35
High temperature flexural strength MPa  1400℃×0.5h≥6≥6≥10≥8≥10
magnesia carbon refractory bricks

Application of magnesia carbon bricks

magnesia carbon refractory bricks
magnesia carbon refractory bricks

Magnesium carbon bricks are mainly used for the lining of converters, AC electric arc furnaces, DC electric arc furnaces, and slag lines of ladles.





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