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Magnesite Bricks/

Aluminum Magnesium Carbon Brick

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Alumina magnesia carbon brick has the advantages of corrosion resistance, spalling resistance, good resistance to molten steel scouring, safe use, less steel and slag, easy unpacking, and so on.

AMC refractory brick introduce

AMC refractory brick
AMC refractory brick

Alumina-magnesia carbon bricks, referred to as AMC bricks, are unburned refractory bricks made from raw materials such as magnesia, high-aluminum aggregates, and carbon materials through crushing, mixing, shaping, and drying processes.

Parameter of aluminum magnesium carbon brick

Apparent Porosity%16~20171717
Density Bulkg/cm32.85~3.02.932.932.94
Cold Crushing StrengthMpa41505055
0.2Mpa Under Load Refractoriness≥ 1550161016501700
Thermal Shock Resistance(1100℃,water,quenching, cycle) 3~63~63~63~6
 aluminum magnesium carbon brick
aluminum magnesium carbon brick

Alumina-magnesia carbon brick application

Ladle lining
Ladle lining

Alumina-magnesia carbon bricks have the advantages of corrosion resistance, spalling resistance, balanced erosion, safe use, less steel and slag staining, and easy unpacking. Alumina magnesia carbon fire brick for the steel ladle is mainly used for the lining of steel used in harsh conditions. Refractory alumina magnesia carbon bricks for the steel ladle used in the molten pool part and the bottom part of the continuous casting large tundish and the refining package outside the furnace.



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