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Mullite Brick/

Sintered Mullite Brick

Product advantages: High quality and competitive price

Supply advantage: Fully automatic intelligent refractory production line

Certification: We have been approved by ISO9001/ISO14001

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Customization: Customized refractory materials and solutions according to customer requirements.

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Sintered mullite brick has excellent high-temperature performance, high strength, high refractoriness under load, excellent thermal shock stability, good chemical stability, and good corrosion resistance to acidic and alkaline slag.

sintered mullite brick
sintered mullite brick

Specification of sintered mullite brick

Al2O3  %≥64≥68≥74≥78
Fe2O3  %≤1.2≤1.2≤1.0≤0.8
Apparent Porosity  %≤18≤18≤17≤16
Bulk Density  g/cm3≥2.45≥2.50≥2.60≥2.75
Cold Crushing Strength  MPa≥60≥70≥75≥85
0.2Mpa Refractoriness Under Load  ℃≥1580≥1600≥1650≥1700
Permanent Linear Change Rate % 1500℃×2h-0.4~+0.1-0.3~+0.1-0.2~+0.1

Characteristics of sintered mullite bricks

sintered mullite brick
sintered mullite brick
  1. Low thermal conductivity and heat capacity.
  2. High purity and low impurity content.
  3. High temperature resistance and can directly contact flames.
  4. High strength and excellent thermal shock resistance.

Uses of sintered mullite bricks

Sintered mullite bricks can be used for high-temperature hot blast stoves, large blast furnace hearths, and bottoms, steelmaking electric furnace tops, ceramic industrial kiln lining, kiln furniture, glass kiln cement kiln lining

sintered mullite bricks
sintered mullite bricks

Comparison between sintered mullite bricks and fused mullite bricks

Sintered mullite bricks have higher mechanical strength and load deformation temperature, high density, low porosity, high crystalline phase content, and no abnormality in the thermal expansion curve. Generally speaking, the high-temperature flexural strength of sintered mullite bricks is higher than that of fused mullite bricks. This is due to the existence of some small but well-developed crystal networks in the structure. Sintered mullite bricks have good volume stability and good creep resistance due to their larger crystals.



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