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Fireclay Brick/

Low Porosity Fireclay Brick

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Customization: Customized refractory materials and solutions according to customer requirements.

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Three-low fireclay brick refers to low porosity, low iron, and low creep. They are made of high-quality raw materials, three-stone raw materials, ultra-fine composite powder, and specific additives through high-pressure forming and high-temperature sintering. They have strong high-temperature corrosion resistance and medium and high-temperature creep rates. high compressive strength and high refractoriness under load.

Low Porosity Fireclay Brick
Low Porosity Fireclay Brick

Low porosity clay brick characteristics

1. Low apparent porosity and strong compactness.
2. Good permeability and erosion resistance.
3. High-temperature strength and long service life.

Parameter of low porosity fireclay brick

Al2O3  %≥45
Fe2O3  %≤1.3
Bulk Density  g/cm3≥2.3
Apparent Porosity  %≤16
Cold Crushing Strength  MPa≥65
Creep rate  %  1200℃×50h≤0.05
Thermal shock resistance cycle 1100℃water cooling>10
Low Porosity Fireclay Brick
Low Porosity Fireclay Brick


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