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Acid Resistant Brick/

Acid Proof Tile | Anti Corrosion Bricks

Product: acid-resistant tiles

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Acid-proof tile, or acid-resistant brick, is a new type of anti-corrosion, acid- and alkali-resistant ceramic product. This product is often used in places with high pH content to prevent or slow down the corrosion loss of storage space caused by acid-base substances.

Introduction to acid-proof tile

acid-proof tile
acid-proof tile

The main component of acid-resistant bricks is silica, which forms a large amount of mullite when roasted at high temperatures, which is a substance with high acid resistance. Because acid-resistant bricks have a tight structure and low water absorption, they can also be used at room temperature. It is resistant to alkaline media of any concentration, but not resistant to high-temperature molten alkali. Acid-resistant bricks contain more than 70% silica and are sintered. They are mostly used in the chemical industry to build acid ditches, acid wells, acid storage tanks, and The ground that contains a large amount of acid is affected by the impact.

Characteristics of acid-resistant tiles

  1. High acid resistance, low water absorption, good flatness; beautiful and elegant style
  2. It has the properties of impermeability, frost resistance, salt resistance, alkali resistance, and weak acid corrosion resistance, and has a strong bonding force with a variety of materials.
  3. It can be constructed on wet substrate surfaces without drying and can be hardened in humid environments or underwater.
  4. Easy to operate and construct, similar to ordinary cement mortar construction, easy to clean, just use water.
  5. Can be customized according to drawings and technical indicators

Different types of acid-resistant bricks

glazed acid-resistant bricks and plain acid-resistant bricks
glazed acid-resistant bricks and plain acid-resistant bricks

In addition to customizing acid-resistant tiles in different sizes, you also need to specify whether you need glazed acid-resistant tiles or plain acid-resistant tiles.

Acid-resistant tile manufacturer

Rongsheng is an acid-proof tile manufacturer with rich experience in exporting acid-resistant bricks. It also produces refractory materials, such as refractory bricks, refractory castables, ceramic fiber products, etc. Acid-resistant bricks can be divided into two categories in terms of shape, one is acid-resistant tile and the other is acid-resistant brick, which can be customized according to usage requirements.

acid proof tile manufacturers
acid-proof tile manufacturers



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