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China Factory High-strength Wear-resistant Refractory Plastic

Product advantages: High quality and competitive price Supply advantage: Fully automatic intelligent refractory production line Certification: We have been approved by ISO9001/ISO14001 Sample: Sample testing is available After Sales Service: 7*24 hours responsive customer online service, fast delivery service worldwide. Customization: Customized refractory materials and solutions according to customer requirements.

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Description of High-strength wear-resistant refractory plastic

Plastic refractory has fairly good plasticity and is suitable for casting construction. Mouldable plastic refractory is produced by mixing quantitative refractory aggregate, power, fireclay, binder and other additive and squeezed to brick green body shape.

Plastic refractory still has good plasticity when properly packed and stocked for certain time. According to different kinds of aggregate, plastic refractory can be classified into high alumina plastic refractory, fireclay based, corundum, silica, magnesia, chromite, zirconia, carborundum plastic refractory, etc. Plastic moldable refractory is a great solution when refractory castable and bricks are too complicated or cumbersome and formwork is unavailable. Plastic refractory possesses excellent strength and high density, as well as abrasion, slag and spall resistance, can be used in a wide range of applications. Ramming plastic refractory is also resistant to molten metals, which makes it perfect for applications such as boiler work, forge furnaces, tundish linings, ladle linings, burner blocks and patches.

Technical Parameter of High-strength wear-resistant refractory plastic


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